Earth Tax Corporation provides solutions that contribute to the development of customers' businesses.

Fund Administration services

Fund Administration services

1 Structuring and Set-up Services

In the formation of the fund structures phase, Earth Tax Corporation gives the most suitable advice on structure and scheme with the consideration of the nature of the underlying assets, as well as the request from the investors and lenders. In addition, we would verify the final effective tax rate of the structure, list out the items that are required for company to receive the tax reduction from tax treaties, verify the overall future cash flows and the administrative matters required for the execution.

2 Support services for the preparation of various contract, accounting and taxation issues

Earth Tax Corporation provides services for the preparation of documents and contracts required at each stage by collaborating with external professionals when necessary. Furthermore, in order to achieve the objectives set during the structure formation phase, we would rearrange and modify the various contracts from accounting and taxation perspective accordingly.

3 Arrangement on the setting up of Special Purpose Company (SPC)

As the entity is an important factor for a SPC, Earth Tax Corporation, in collaboration with various experts would carry out the setup procedures and submit the documents required to financial institutions and tax offices. Further, we also carry out cash related administrative matters such as payment of capital, opening of bank accounts and required cash transfer.

4 Director Appointment Services

During and after the setting up of SPC, Earth Tax Corporation can be utilized as an appropriate professional to be an independent director if necessary. We are also able to provide a head office address for the SPC.

5 Bookkeeping, Year-end Book Closing of Accounts and Tax Return Filing of SPC

Upon the successful setting up of the SPC, we provide bookkeeping and Year-end book closing services in consideration of appropriate accounting treatments, in line with the latest accounting standard and tax reform We also prepare any necessary tax returns and tax payment schedule within the year and for year-end. In addition, we would also notify the SPC if the predicted tax amount would influence the cash flows.

6 Cash Management of SPC

Earth Tax Corporation performs the appropriate cash management services after seeking instructions and approvals of the investors or asset managers. In addition of payment and receipt of cash, we also prepare and report future expected cash flow based on the overall understanding of the business and appropriate future prediction of cash flow.