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Inheritance and business succession

Inheritance and business succession

1 Preparation of tax filing of inheritance taxfollowing with all the inheritance procedures

Earth Tax Corporation prepares the tax filing for inheritance tax for not only the wealthy and business owners but also for the general public. We also suggest on tax savings measures that could be carried out after the occurrence of inheritance (such as the preparation method of agreement of division of estates), as well as secondary inheritance (such as measures related to funding of tax payments).

Tailored to each case, we also collaborate with experts such as lawyers, judicial scrivener and real estate appraisers to assist our clients in following up with the inheritance procedures.

2 Pre-measures of inheritance issueProposal preparation of various inheritance simulation

Earth Tax Corporation assists our client by suggesting the appropriate tax savings measures based on the comprehensive analysis of the inheritance simulation conducted (with the current owned assets and liabilities), type of assets owned and family situation.

3 Tax saving measuresProposal of measures considering gift before death and the effective utilization of real estate

By carrying out various pre-inheritance measures beforehand, it is possible to effectively reduce the amount of inheritance tax levied. For example, by building a rental apartment (profitable property) on a vacant lot, it is possible to reduce the valuation of the land and hence enjoy the effect of tax savings. As such, Earth Tax Corporations is able to advise and execute various tax saving methods tailored to our clients’ needs.

4 Measures for tax payment fundsProposal based on life insurance utilization and retirement allowance

s iInheritance tax is levied upon the taxable assets, and it would be problematic to pay the tax amount if the assets owned comprises of only real estates. Hence, to avoid such situation, it is advisable to join have a life insurance beforehand in order to secure the funds needed to pay the inheritance taxes. Besides, in the case of For business owners, it is possible to allocate retirement allowance to fund tax payments. Earth Tax Corporation suggests and helps our clients to secure the funds to pay taxes using various methods.

5 Business succession measuresCreating a proposal based on succession measures and business succession tax legislation

Business succession is one of the significant problems for business owners. There is a range of matters to be considered such as when there areis multiple heirs, who is to be the one to succeed the business, when should the strategic timing of business succession occur, how should assetsassets should be distributed among inheritors other than the business successor and many more. In addition, it would be pointless if the It will be detrimental to the business should the business declines because of the succession issues or because there is argument between inheritors. Hence, Earth Tax Corporation provides total support from the planning to execution of succession, including taking into account the development of the successor so that the succession takes place smoothly.

In addition, we also provide various suggestions such as measures using the own company stock or retirement allowance to fund tax payments that take into consideration of the business succession tax system.