Earth Tax Corporation provides solutions that contribute to the development of customers' businesses.

Tax Advisory and Accounting Outsourcing

Tax Advisory and Accounting Outsourcing

1 Bookkeeping and Preparation of Tax Return

Earth Tax Corporation would carry out bookkeeping services, as well as the preparation of monthly trial balance and monthly financial analysis, after receiving relevant documents such as copies of pass books and invoices. We would give suggestions on various tax-savings measures based on the forecasted closing balance, predicted from the monthly financial analysis.

Regarding the preparation of tax return, we would suggest effective measures in view of all the various taxes such as corporate tax, consumption tax, local tax, business income tax, depreciable assets tax, etc.

Besides, we would also assist our client’s financing requirement such as the preparation of documents required to be submitted to banks after the closing of accounts.

Furthermore, we provide our clients a range of different accounting software that are most suitable for their business needs. We give our support to clients in learning to use the software, ensuring that they are proficient in maintaining the bookkeeping by themselves.

2 Payroll and Year End Adjustment Services

Earth Tax Corporation provides payroll services which includes the preparation of payroll report, payment record and legal record total table. Our total support in monthly payroll calculation includes payroll calculation, payment slip preparation, arrangement of monthly salary payment and year-end adjustment services collectively based on the client’s position. Based on the salary data, we could also provide preparation services for social insurance arrangement and labor insurance confirmation preparation.

3 Cash Management

Based on client’s request, we provide total support for cash management services such as preparing payment schedule, filling bank transfer forms and performing monthly payments.