Earth Tax Corporation provides solutions that contribute to the development of customers' businesses.

Merger and Acquisition Company Restructuring Consulting

Merger and Acquisition Company Restructuring Consulting

1 Business restructuring consulting

As the business environment is becoming more complicated and competitive, measures need to be taken to ensure the survival of businesses. With such circumstances and following the relaxation of legal system and various tax reforms, business groups are able to carry out restructuring and form a structure that is suitable of the current era. Earth Tax Corporation provides advisory services for various restructuring method starting such as IPO based on the client’s request and company scale. We also provide execution services of the restructuring on top of the advisory services pertaining to the requests of our clients.

2 M&A Advisory

The procedure of M&A involves many phases such as selection of M&A target, due diligence, execution of deal, and post-deal integration. Based on the various M&A involvement and experience that the Earth Tax Corporation team has on M&A, we provide advisory services on the accounting and tax know-how, execution of M&A as well as post-M&A support.

3 Personal tax and inheritance tax of owner

For business owners who have decided to sell their business, the transferring of business is a once in a lifetime milestone event. Therefore, Earth Tax Corporation provides comprehensive pre-sale to post-sale support in terms of personal tax and inheritance tax, based on the many advisory experiences Earth Tax Corporation have in this field.

4 Business revitalization consulting

Due to changes in the business environment or excessive debt, some businesses may cease to continue regardless of its high business value. Earth Tax Corporation intends to rescue such businesses that are desirable by the society. We do so by cooperating with the said business, financial institutions and key stakeholders to form and execute a restructuring scheme.