Earth Tax Corporation provides solutions that contribute to the development of customers' businesses.

International Taxation Consulting

International Taxation Consulting against Japanese Corporation

1 Tax consulting of Japanese corporation’s international transaction

Following the globalization of business environment, international transactions are now common. Under such environment, it is important to understand and strategize against taxation cost and taxation risk of international transactions. Earth Tax Corporation provides Japanese corporations with advisory services on foreign tax credit and applicable tax treaties, considerations on anti-tax haven measures of overseas subsidiary, measures against transfer pricing rules and the handling of withholding tax of various international transactions.

2 Hong Kong/China related taxation consulting

For taxation in Hong Kong and China, Earth Tax Corporation and our overseas branch in Hong Kong (Earth Tax Business Consulting (HK) Co. Ltd.) would provide comprehensive advisory service of international taxation that covers not only Japan taxation but also Hong Kong and China taxations.

In addition to advisory services Earth Tax Corporation also provides administrative services such as preparation of documents needed, preparation of basic data needed for tax treaty notification and the preparation of the notification.

3 Service providing area within China

Using our overseas branch as a gateway to China, we provide our services in areas not only in Hong Kong but also in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

Dealing in business within China, there may be many issues related to business rules, market, local laws and taxation system that would arise. Earth Tax Corporation would provide advisory services and execution support to allow smooth business development of the enterprise as well as allowing the return of profits from overseas to Japan based on Earth Tax Corporation’s extensive network of overseas branches and local professional’s information.

Tax consultation for overseas company entering Japanese market

1 Consultation at point of entry

For companies entering Japanese market, Earth Tax Corporation would provide advisory services on the various methods and forms of entry as well as advises on M& with Japanese company, based on the type of business to be carried out in Japan. Further, to assist client’s decision, we also assist in terms of post-entry tax calculations, applicability of foreign tax credit to parent company as well as applicability of tax treaties.

2 Post-entry management support

In addition, we also provide post-entry services of the subsidiaries and branches such as fund management, accounting and tax filing. We also provide personal tax filing services for expatriates from parent company to Japanese subsidiary.