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Specific content of seminar

1 Tax reform

The seminar explains the frequent changes in tax legislation regarding recent tax reforms and also elaborate on the importance of the implementation period and how it would practically impact businesses.

2 Consumption tax changes and practical duties

As the consumption tax legislation is undergoing many tax reforms, such as the 95% rules and tax rates changes which are highly impactful on the business, the seminar aims to explain the important changes in the rules and points to take note for practical use.

3 Measures on inheritance and business succession

As there are plans for an increase in Inheritance Tax, the importance of take pre-measures are becoming relevant. Along with the implementation of the reduction of basic deduction, real estate owners, corporate owners and the general public (house owners and financial investment owners) would need to take various countermeasures against inheritance and business succession tax.

As this theme has many different needs, we would explain with specific examples so that it is easily understood.

4 Measures for financing and cash management

Following the financial crisis from Lehman Brothers and falling economics conditions, small and medium firms are facing major problems on cash financing. Other than bank financing and cost reduction, there are other possible cash financing methods such as inventory management and business management that are available for consideration. Earth Tax Corporations provides the know-how on these methods based on various cases.

5 M&A and business restructuring

In order to keep up to the fast-changing business environment, businesses are required to take swift and accurate actions. Considering the many changes in laws and tax regulations related to M&A and business restructuring, we would advise the most suitable strategy and specific procedures respectively based on the business needs and actual experience examples.

6 Fund formation and its mechanism

Regarding real estate investments, bond investments and stock investments, there is a need to create the most suited structure for the business by taking into account of the various investment nature as well as the requests of investors and lenders. In this seminar, we would explain the practical know-how such as the constitution of the structure, management of the fund and using latest case studies.

7 International taxation

In this seminar, we would explain the international taxation issues such as issues related to foreign tax credit and tax treaties, corresponding measures on anti-tax haven measures on overseas subsidiary, countermeasures on transfer pricing and the tax treatment of withholding tax of international transactions from the viewpoint of Japanese corporations expanding overseas.

8 Overseas expansion

With regards to overseas business expansion, especially to Hong Kong and Singapore , Earth Tax Corporation and our branch in Hong Kong (Earth Tax Business Consulting (HK) Co. Ltd.) and Singapore (Earth Tax Business Consulting (Singapore) PET. LTD. would explain the points to note for financing, taxation, accounting and labor for Japanese corporations looking to venture overseas. Besides, we would also provide the overseas business information.

9 Other issues

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